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Hello Copenhagen

Copenhagen is in many respects the ideal spot for the best kind of city trip. The food is brilliant; the cultural and arts scene, likewise. But while other capital cities can claim to possess these same attributes, Copenhagen has some handy trump cards up its sleeve. This waterside city is compact, unhurried and goes wheel-to-wheel with Amsterdam in the race for the title of 'Bike Capital of the World.' The Cykelslangen ('Bike Snake') may even have edged Copenhagen into the lead; this dedicated, elevated cycle path is just one of the city's many bike-embracing initiatives. There's no question that cycling represents the best means of discovering the Danish capital, and plenty to discover there is, too.

All of which brings us neatly back to food and the arts. 'New Nordic' pervades food culture across the city, and sitting down to enjoy a super-fresh smørrebrød for lunch is every bit as rewarding as treating yourself to dinner in Noma or one of the other 14 other Michelin-starred restaurants. Visit in the summer and your trip will in all likelihood coincide with a music or arts festival, while for a year-round culture fix, check out The National Gallery of Denmark, Copenhagen Contemporary, or another of the city's renowned art galleries.

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